Turkish Angle On Flora, Fauna, Falsehoods In Mossad Mythology

By Dan Raviv

The fine radio program on PRI, The World, had a report from Istanbul  on how some media in Turkey spread the notion that a beautiful bird — with a tag that said “Tel Aviv” on its leg — may have been part of a Mossad espionage plot.
mossad, israel spy, spies against armageddon, covert operations, Iran nuclearIt’s only the latest example of the Mossad being blamed — or credited — with incredible plots, almost everywhere on earth.   InSpies Against Armageddon (to be published July 9), we write that the Mossad intentionally lets such rumors linger.  A widespread belief that Israel’s covert foreign-operations agency is omnipotent and omnipresent is probably useful to the Israelis.
The radio report from Turkey also states: “The tensions between Israel and most of its neighbors show little sign of easing in the near future.”
Ironically, however, a senior Israeli cabinet minister who was visiting Washington was saying, just yesterday, that Israel and Turkey should make serious efforts to repair their ruptured relationship.  Shaul Mofaz, the deputy prime minister who joined Benjamin Netanyahu’s now huge governing coalition recently, used to be the chief of staff of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and served as defense minister.
Mofaz, at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said one of his best friends used to be the Turkish military chief of staff.  Relations were ruined, in large part, by the clash between Israeli soldiers and pro-Palestinian Turkish activists sailing in a protest “flotilla” trying to reach the Gaza Strip in May 2010.  Nine of the activists were killed by armed Israelis who said they had been provoked by violent attacks on them.
Turkey demanded, at the least, an official Israeli apology.  But none has come.  Mofaz commented that Turkey has now become a regional “superpower,” and with all the tumultuous events occurring in the Middle East it would be good for both Turkey and Israel to be friendly and cooperative again.  Mofaz predicted that some serious moves in that direction may be made within a matter of months.
June 21, 2012

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