Media Coverage: NY Times and AP Feature ‘Spies’

MEDIA COVERAGE of ‘Spies Against Armageddon’

Television (click to watch video)

Dan Raviv, Charlie Rose, spies against armageddon, israel spy, covert operations, Iran nuclearCBS This Morning : Dan Raviv with Charlie Rose:

CNN:  Dan Raviv on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

CBS Up To The Minute: Dan Raviv interviewed by Terrell Brown;lst;1

Shalom TV’s founder Mark Golub interviewed Dan Raviv for 1 hour:

White House Chronicle  (selected public TV stations):


Print and On-line Coverage

New York Times : July 12, 2012 (page A8) : “Tehran Abuzz As Book Says Israel Killed 5 Scientists”


The Associated Press , article July 8, 2012, by Kimberly Dozier (published worldwide):


Books: Talking With Dan Raviv, co-author of ‘Spies Against Armageddon’ – by Issac Wolf – Scripps-Howard News Service
Times of Israel review (on-line newspaper based in Jerusalem)
The Jewish Chronicle (U.K.) : “When Going Undercover Meant Sleeping with Arafat’s Wife”:

The Jerusalem Post review
of ‘Spies Against Armageddon’ (October 2012)

The Jewish Press
(New York): interview with Dan Raviv


Al-Monitor — by Yossi Melman:  “Netanyahu and Barak Gambling with Israeli Lives, U.S. Relations”:


KYW Newsradio (CBS Philadelphia):


Israel and the US would come to deeply regret air strikes against Iran (article in British newspaper The Guardian)


The Times of Israel


Al Monitor website: Who killed Iranian nuclear scientists?

Washington Jewish Week

Tablet (on-line magazine) : Why Israel Won’t Bomb Iran (this year) — by Yossi Melman and Dan Raviv

Jerusalem Post

The Guardian (British newspaper cited Spies Against Armageddon on covert war against Iran’s nuclear program)


Sacramento Bee


Huffington Post article by Raviv & Melman (Sept. 16, 2012):



ABC National Radio: John Batchelor Show (July 19, 2012)

Public radio in New York City: The Leonard Lopate Show

Jim Bohannon Show on Dial Global Radio (national):

Jim Bohannon interviews Dan Raviv (Oct. 5, 2012):  Click to hear 5-minute item

The Geraldo Show (WABC-AM, #1 Talk, New York) (Friday July 6):

WCBS-AM: WCBS Newsradio 880 (New York)

The Hugh Hewitt Show  (national)

BBC Persian Service (July 9, 2012: radio and TV)

BBC World Service:  NewsHour with Owen Bennet Jones (July 9, 2012)

WTOP Radio (#1 News, Washington, DC) : click to hear interview

WWL Radio, New Orleans: Garland Robinette Show (July 19, 2012)

KXNT-Radio, Las Vegas

KMOX-AM (#1 News/Talk, St. Louis, MO)

WFLA-AM (#1 News/Talk, Tampa, FL)

WNEW-AM (News/Talk, Washington, DC)

WPHT-AM (#1 News/Talk, Philadelphia, PA)

WAKR-AM (#1 Oldies/Talk, Akron, OH)

KOA-AM (#1 News/Talk, Denver, CO)

WIOD-AM (#1 News/Talk, Miami, FL) – Jimmy Cefalo and Manny Munoz

WCCO-AM, Minneapolis, MN

WBAT-AM, Marion, IN

WCXZ-AM, Harrogate, TN

WIBX-AM, Utica, NY

WWJ-AM, Detroit, MI

WBT-AM, Charlotte, NC

WHOP-FM, Hopkinsville, KY

WHCU-AM, Ithaca, NY

WSJS-AM, Winston Salem, NC

KARV-AM, Little Rock, AK

KDAL-AM, Duluth, MN

KICD-AM, Sioux City, IA

KFQD-AM, Anchorage, AL

October 19, 2012

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