Iran’s New President Blames Israel and Jews for America Being Tough on Iran — Israeli Leaders Concerned, Covert War Simmers On

Hassan Rouhani, the newly inaugurated president of Iran, is reaching out to the United States for talks on Iran’s nuclear ambitions. And, at a Tehran news conference, he blamed (in clear code-word phrases) Israel and the Jewish Lobby for misleading America about Iran.

Rouhani at Tuesday press conference in Tehran: trying to drive a wedge between U.S. and Israel

Rouhani said recent statements from Washington “demonstrate that a number of U.S. officials do not have an accurate understanding of the message conveyed by the great nation of Iran. … In the U.S. there is a pressuring, war-mongering group. It pursues the interests of a foreign country.”

Apparently referring to America’s Congress and Israel, the Iranian leader continued: “They receive most of their orders from the same country. So the interests of a foreign country and assertive group are imposed on the representatives. … Even the U.S. interests are not being considered.”

Rouhani is obviously trying to weaken Israel’s position in America, and to cause rifts in official Washington.

Also using veiled terms to defend Iran’s drive for nuclear power (and, according to Israeli and other Western intelligence agencies, a major push to build nuclear weapons), Rouhani said: “The basis of our action is national consensus … of the great Iranian nation in order to safeguard the Iranian people through dynamic and proportionate construction, practical to both sides of the negotiation.”

Israel suggests the buck doesn’t stop here: the Oval Office

What alarms many Israeli officials is that Rouhani is also offering “serious and substantive” negotiations with America on the nuclear issue — and indications that President Obama is highly interested in having those talks.

One senior official in Jerusalem made a point of leaking his assessment today (Tuesday) that Israel cannot rely on Obama’s public declarations that he intends to stop — at almost all costs — Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Israel is again sending signals that it will, if necessary, take military action on its own to derail Iran’s nuclear programs: the heavy water facility at Arak that’s intended to produce bomb-strength plutonium (a target that’s relatively easy for warplanes and missiles to hit), and the various sites with centrifuges spinning to enrich uranium (mostly underground and much harder to destroy).

It is natural …

>for the United States to try to avoid embarking on another war in the Middle East (thus to try, at least, to negotiate with Iran);

>for Iran to try to talk its way out of sanctions, which Rouhani admits have been damaging to Iran and its people;

>for Israeli leaders to remain absolutely determined to prevent the Islamic Republic of Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, which could endanger the very existence of the Jewish State — as well as permit Iran to blackmail every nation in the region, including the other major oil producers.

Thus it’s natural, too, for Israel’s Mossad and Aman (military intelligence agency) to continue their covert war against Iran’s nuclear program — as well as against Iran’s Hezbollah allies in Lebanon and Syria. Benjamin Netanyahu’s government won’t disclose any details of the secret war, but it’s certain that it is continuing and perhaps with a greater sense of urgency.

August 6, 2013

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