Iran’s Claim of a Sabotage Plot by Mossad & Arabs Together: Ludicrous

Iran’s official media claim that authorities there arrested members of a “terror” squad trained by Israel’s Mossad and backed by Great Britain and an unnamed Arab country.

The Iranian claim said the Arab nation in question has become obviously dependent on Israel. (One can guess that Iran is hinting at Jordan or Qatar, but naturally an observer might wonder who’s now the target of Iran’s official, delusional hypothesizing.)

Iran’s report said the sabotage group — with 12 members supposedly now arrested — intended to stir up ethnic unrest in parts of Iran, specifically in the run-up to the Iranian election in less than two weeks.

Yossi Melman (co-author of Spies Against Armageddon) comments from Tel Aviv that the Iranian claim is “almost certainly rubbish.”

It’s true that Israeli intelligence analysts closely watch Iranian politics — as well as military moves, economic trends, and above all the nuclear program. But Israel and the world have no realistic reason to hope that the June 14 presidential election in Iran will change that country’s secret push toward becoming a nuclear-armed power.

An election cartoon from Iran’s news agency

None of the presidential candidates would represent a major shift in Iranian expansionist ambitions, in part because a guardian council controlled by the Supreme Leader — Ayatollah Ali Khamenei — held veto power over the list of candidates for the presidency.

Melman adds:   “Israel almost surely would not risk operations and waste resources on such a stupid mission – to sabotage Election Day. The Mossad has more urgent missions to execute in Iran. This report is obviously a propaganda ploy by the regime to boost its morale before the election and to mobilize Iranian voters to rally around the regime.”

Jonathan Schanzer, a scholar at the Washington-based Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, seems quite appropriately to be ridiculing the Iranian claim — on his Twitter feed @JSchanzer:

Iran says it stops a UK-Israel plot. If only France joined in, it would’ve been like a Suez War reunion.,7340,L-4387370,00.html …

Iran announced last month that it hanged two spies: one supposedly working for the Mossad, and the other for the CIA. These claims are often made after dissidents — or, frankly, individuals who fell into official disfavor — are arrested and quickly tried and executed by the Islamic Republic of Iran.


June 6, 2013

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